Saturday, October 16, 2010

A thought....

So I am sitting at the computer surfing some of my favorite blogs and Emily is sitting fairly content on my lap looking at the computer and she keeps turning and looking at me and then turning back towards the computer....She is still doing it, turning and looking at me to make sure I am still here. There is just something so special about being a mother. Even with all the frustration of endless feeding and less sleep. There is something about it when Emily smiles at me that melts my heart everytime and makes me thank God that I am blessed to be her mother. It is an amazing feeling to be number one in someones life. I am number one in my husbands but it is different with a child, maybe because they are so dependent. I think Emily is just beautiful and I love her to pieces.

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  1. I don't mean to intrude, Kristen, but i was trying to find pictures of Kayla's twins and came across your blog. I think this entry is a wonderful testament to your commitment as a wife and mother. Thanks for sharing such positive and Godly thoughts. Your husband and daughter are truly blessed through you.

    Enjoy the rest of this Lord's day,
    sally hinksman (used to be Guenther)